Sunday, April 24, 2016

April MAGAM Challenge Completed!

Vogue 1382 - It's a split personality on this dress.

It's total Rockstar on the outside....

With an innocent cherry print on the inside....

If you remember in my layout picture, I had included some snap tape along the front lines just as a "maybe" feature.  Well, when I had completed the front panel, it definitely needed something so I started playing with the snap tape.

I pinned the female side of the snap tape to the long sections on the middle front and the male side of the tape across the front and across the same section on the back.  After standing back and starring at it for awhile, and asking the DH's opinion (as if that really mattered!), I decided to go for it.

And here it is sewn in place.  I was careful to make sure that a bump on the snap tape didn't hit at the highpoint of the bust - as that would have looked, well, just wrong if you get my drift!  Also - aligning the tape so one of the snaps didn't fall on a seam line took a bit of fidgeting.

I cut out pockets from each of my different fabrics because I wasn't sure exactly which one I wanted to use.  I finally settled on the black and white plaid ones.  

The armhole is quite low and it makes a sort of oval shape towards the front as you can see below while on the dress form.  

 The darts I added to the front and back helped out with the fit.

My invisible zipper is a little visible at the snap tape line, otherwise, it just wouldn't zip with the extra bulk.

The lining is comprised of a striped linen on top and a polyester cherry print on the bottom.  I used some green rick rack to separate the two.

Out of my starting 6 fabrics, I managed to use a piece from each of them to make up this dress.  I'm pretty impressed with myself!

This dress = 3.75 yards (for the the outside fabrics and the lining fabrics)
YTD yardage = 42 yards

Until next time - Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Star, I think this dress is just wonderful - it's turned out perfectly with all your oddments of fabric - looks purpose designed.

  2. I love your fabric combination. And the fit is perfect. It looks so good.

  3. That is fantastic. The combination looks really high-end, especially with the wonderful fit. And I love the "cheery" lining :)

  4. Gasp! Well done Star! You did a great job on the layout and the final product is splendid!!

  5. Great interpretation of this pattern. Loving the studs! I made a waistcoat once with grommet trim and its totally the feature. Hopefully you will wear this dress a lot.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I hope I get a lot of wear out if it too.