Saturday, March 1, 2014

Butterick 5954

Here is Butterick 5954.  A knit blouse made out of the scraps from this project.  This blouse is close fitting at the top and flares out at the bottom.  Sleeve options are either:  sleeveless, short, 3/4 or long.  I opted for 3/4 due to the limited fabric I had.  This fabric limitation also caused a few other fun design things to happen. For the front, I didn't have enough fabric to make the stripes on both fronts lay vertically, so one of them ended up being horizontal - I think that adds a little bit more interest though.

I didn't have enough fabric to make the cowlneck collar out of one piece either, so I decided to cut strips of fabric, sew them together and then cut the collar out of the pieces sewn together. Here are the pieces when they were first cut out.  Notice not all of them are on grain either.  I was trying to squeeze as many pieces out of the scraps as possible and figured since the cowl neck folded over and sort of flops around a bit, the grainline wouldn't matter too much in this case.

Here are the pieces sewn together.

Pieced fabric ready for the collar pattern piece.

Ta-Da!  Here's the pieced together collar piece all cut out.  Looks pretty interesting at this point!

Here's the back view.  There is lots and lots of room at the bottom.

Here's the bottom with the flared sides pulled out.  See - lots of fabric here!

I'm surprised I was able to make these from a leftover project.  One more piece of fabric out of my stash!

Here's a side view of the floppy collar.  I like the pieced collar.  I think it adds a little something extra to the design.

Sorry for the short post today - I'm working on my February Garment of the Month Challenge dress and it's not going so well!  I just thought I would post this quickly to feel like I have actually accomplished something today.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm glad I clicked over from your review on Pattern Review. I am impressed by your piecing to create the cowl. It is simple, but I would never have thought of it. It really is a great design element.

  2. Excellent use of the stripes, Star! I love your version!

  3. Great save! I love it when a 'problem' (not enough fabric, usually) becomes a 'design opportunity'. Your top is unique.

  4. Great save! I love it when a 'problem' (not enough fabric, usually) becomes a 'design opportunity'. Your top is unique because of that.