Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vogue 1331 - It's Finished!

I have been working on this coat for over a month and it's finally done!  It's taken a long time to complete, but I am very happy with the results.  There are a few things I would change, but like they say - if you can't see it from a galloping horse - then don't worry about it!  If you would like to see the entire process from start until completion - I've included quick links to each post at the bottom.

Here are the final pics:
Yeah!  It's all done!

Side view - still yeah!  It's all done!!

Front - with all of the embellished circles, buttons, collar, etc.

Close-up of the collar

Closer close-up of the collar

Back of the collar.  The collar is meant to be shorter than the collar stand - that's why you can see the collar stand peeking out underneath.

Back view.  It reminds me of a butterfly.  Maybe I'll call this my Butterfly Coat?

Close-up of one embellished circle.  The couched yarn will continue to get fluffier
with each wear as the fibers work themselves loose from the zig zag stitches.

Side view

The sleeve hem needed a little extra love so I added some of the yarn here too.

Close-up of one button

Lining front

Lining back

Here's the total yardage breakdown for this project:

Tweed overlay - 3 yards
Green base wool - 3 yards
Purple wool for sleeves - 1 yard
Tie dye lining - 2 yards
Off white lining - 1.5 yards
Grand total = 10.5 yards in this coat alone!!

I have no idea how many yards of the yarn I used for the embellishment or how many bobbins I filled to do the couching.

This brings my stash bustin' total to 39.5 yards so far since July.  This coat has made quite a dent but I still have a long way to go.  I am very happy this project is finally done.  Now it's onto a few easy projects before the next big one.

Below are links to the entire sewing process.

The beginning
The muslin
Additional overlay concept
Fit test
Thread play
The lining
Cutting, sewing and embellishing the circles
The buttons

Until next time - Happy Sewing!


  1. You did it! It looks fabulous and you wear it beautifully. Well done.
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. Thanks so much Vancouver Barbara. BTW - I love your city! It is beautiful.

  2. Congratulations on finishing!! Phew you have put some hours into that. It's fabulous, well done :) You just need some cooler weather now to wear it ;) x

    1. Thanks Dawn! Yes we do need to cool down. I was roasting when I was taking the photos!

  3. This is wonderful and you deserve a big round of applause for sticking with it and being so creative as well. You sure improved the fit and I love the lines of your coat much better than Koos's.

    1. Thanks so much Bunny! That is very nice of you to say!

  4. The coat is glorious! Walking through the process with you was just exhausting!!! It seemed to have a never-ending story in sight! So happy to see it on you -- looks lovely, beautiful colors in the trims around the butterfly wings, the buttons are exceptional -- lovely solution you came up with!!! Big congratulations to you for a well executed project! Amazed at the yardage required! Wow!!!!!

    1. Thank you Judy James! I am very happy that it is finally done.

  5. It is beautiful, and you look radiant wearing it. I am totally in awe of the amount of effortvyou put into this artistic and wearable coat.

  6. It is really stunning - such a lot of work, beautiful inside and out - what an achievement - I hope you get many compliments when you wear it - you should :).

    I'm not surprised you are glad it is finally done - so much work and care.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. Yes I'm very happy it is done. Now im going to do a few quick projects before the next monster one.

  7. Wow congratulations , the coat is amazing. I have enjoyed following your creative and technical processes along the way. Like others I am in awe of your creativity and technical ability

    1. Thanks so much Tracy H. You are very kind.

  8. Wow, so creative! And it looks great on you.

  9. Outstanding craftsmanship! Your coat is beautiful.

  10. Fantastic work! You have done it so beautifully inside and outside. Wow!