Saturday, August 26, 2017

My New "Holey" Cardigan!

This is Ann's Cardigan from The Sewing Workshop.  I purchased the pattern when Linda Lee came to speak at our Sewing Guild's Spring Event earlier this year.

Pink is really not my color, but when I saw this fabric at this year's Sewing Garage Sale, I thought I might give it a try.  The knit originally came from Emma One Sock.  It was in two separate pieces for a total of 2.25 yards for $3.50.  It's a nice knit with these holes woven into the fabric.  As you can see here, there is a seamline that I serged and then topstitched down.  You can hardly see the seamline 'cause there is so much going on!

The cardigan is a loose fitting style, with little to no waistline shaping.  

The back consists of a top and bottom panel, both cut on the fold.

The draping in the front is from this side panel - which is basically a long rectangle. The side panel is then sewn to the front band when stretches from the bottom right front, up and around the neckline, down to the left side front.  Here are both of those pieces pulled out.

Here's the same section half-way pulled out - you can see the draping starting here.

And here it is all the way down.  Creates a nice effect I think.

Out of the 16 different pieces of fabric I purchased at this year's Garage Sale, this is #8 sewn up already.  Not too bad!  I'm halfway to using up all of the fabric I purchased at this year's sale!  It would seriously be a first if I stitched everything in the same year that I purchased it.

As for my stashbustin' stats, here's the latest!

Total yardage for this cardigan = 2.25 yards - that's all I had and I used every bit of it!
YTD yardage = 53.16 yards

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. I love this color and also Ann's Cardigan! In fact, I like almost all of Linda Lee's patterns. I hope you'll model this sweater when the weather gets cooler.

    1. Thanks Kay Z! I hope the weather gets cooler soon!

  2. I think this is gorgeous - I love the holes and the style of the cardigan. Must explore L Lee's patterns....

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. Linda Lee is the designer behind The Sewing Workshop patterns.

  3. Im struggling to keep up, you're sewing so fast. Now you mention it, I dont recall seeing you in pink. This will be handy just to throw on when you just need a light layer. When its a bit cooler of course!

    1. Yep, not a fan of pink yet I am working on something at the moment that has pink in it. Maybe I am changing my opinion of the color?