Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brown Bag Challenge - Vogue 1440

For July, my sewing group had a "Brown Bag Challenge".  What is that you ask?  Here's how it works:

Bags of fabric are brought in and each member of the group selects a bag.  You can't see the fabric before selecting it so it's a surprise for everyone.  You can steal a fabric from someone else before you select a bag of your own - and that's what I did!  You then have two months to make something - anything using the fabric from the challenge.  The black fabric below is a striped seersucker and I love it!

This is a Donna Karan Vogue pattern #1440.  The pattern comes with pants, a jacket and this fabulous sleeveless top!

The blouse is completely finished on the inside with French seams and the facings are meant to be turned to the outside and topstitched.  I wanted to use a contrasting fabric for my facings and collar to make them stand out more so I selected a linen scrap that was in my stash.

I also removed the placket in the front.  I wanted my buttons to stand out, not be hidden behind a placket.

Here's a nice view of the armhole.  I found the armhole depth to be perfect and very comfortable to wear.  It provides good bra band coverage and isn't tight either.  The hem calls for a facing piece as well, but I opted to just do a small double-turned hem.

Close-up of the facing:

I love the back of this blouse!

That V at the back is fabulous! And, I couldn't help myself and added an extra big button to the area.

This blouse is a win-win!  Great design, great construction techniques and super comfy to wear!

For those following along on my stashbustin quest - here are my latest totals:
This blouse - 2 yards
YTD = 44.41 yards

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Wow, what a cute version of that pattern!

  2. Agree with Shams; love this version!

  3. Love everything about this cute top!

  4. That is a great intepretation of this blouse - I love it and am going to ask if I can copy some of your ideas. Good idea to snaffle a fabric you liked!

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! Absolutely, feel free to copy away. That is a great honor I think when someone wants to copy the garments/ideas you sew.

  5. The back button and contrast facings totally make this top. It looks amazing!