Monday, August 14, 2017

Time for bed!

Aren't these cute?  I am in desperate need of some more summer pj's and these will be great!  This is New Look 6139 - a camisole top and shorts.  No - I did not give them a final press before taking pictures, but it is hotter than heck here lately and I didn't want to add any more heat to our house at the moment - so - please look past the wrinkles and ruffly hemline!

The pattern has bust darts and calls for ribbon to be used as the straps.  I decided to use some fold over elastic for the straps instead.

Here's the back view.  The pattern also says to add a zipper to the back seam.  Really?  Who wants a zipper in pajama's??!?!?  No thank you!  Besides, I made this out of a crappy, very thin knit that was in my stash, purchased at the ASG Garage Sale in 2014.  I only have one piece of fabric from that year's sale that remains untouched - that's pretty good!

The waistband treatment on these shorts is a new technique to me and I will be using it more in the future.  Rather than making a traditional casing the turning to the inside, instead you turn the top hem allowance down 3/8", right sides together.  Using some ribbon (either 1/2 or 5/8"), sew that down on top of the now turned down top edge.  Sew it again at the bottom edge of the ribbon, leaving an opening to thread in the elastic.  Add the elastic, sew up the opening and voila!  It adds a decorative feature to the waistline!

Here are the shorts with a longer view.  You can see the ribbon waistline better.

Can't wait to snuggle up with these new pj's.

Stashbustin stats:

Total yardage for the camisole and the shorts = 2 yards
Total YTD = 46.41

Whoop!  Whoop!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. These are gorgeous, Star. Something satisfying about make it and wear it straight away. Love the print - so apt for sleepytime!

  2. Cute pj's! Perfect for hot summer nights. Even with A/C on, I find I get warm during the night. Thanks for sharing the ribbon casing for elastic.

    1. Thanks Linda. Our AC has been broken for awhile so our nights were especially hot. These has been great!

  3. What a great idea using the fold over elastic for straps. Im guessing these came out of the stash too! Super cute PJ's for hot days. Im back in my winter ones. August has been very cold. Nice for me, not so much for the visitors!

    1. Yep! More fabric from the stash! I am jealous of your cold weather. We could really use a cold spell here! We have had 47 days in a row of temps over 90 degrees. It is getting old!