Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trio of Turtlenecks

I love turtlenecks and this pattern is one of my favorites.  You have probably seen it here before, as it's my go-to turtleneck pattern.  It's a simple pattern that I got at Cloth World in 1995.  Cloth World has since gone out of business, but this pattern still works!

All of these fabrics were purchased at this year's Sewing Garage Sale.

The fabric on the left is a fairly thick knit - it was 2 yards for $4.00.

The middle turtleneck is made of of two different fabrics.  The main stripe was 1.5 yards for $3.50.  I didn't have enough of it to line up the stripes on the sleeves correctly due to the pattern repeat, so I decided to make the stripes go the length of the sleeves rather than have the stripes go around the arms.  The turtleneck and sleeve cuffs are made from a black crinkle knit that was originally from Peggy Sagers.  I have enough of it left over to make another t-shirt of some kind.  The crinkle knit was 2.25 yards for $4.00.

The fabric on the right is so soft it feels like butter!  It's from Emma One Sock and is a design from Theory.  It was 2 yards for $8.00 - a bit much for a garage sale purchase, but it feels glorious!  I have enough of this left over to make a small t-shirt, tank top or just an accent for another blouse too.

My total yardage spend on these three turtlenecks came to $19.50 - which does also include the amounts I still have left to squeek out a few t-shirts - so that's not too bad!  All three shirts were made in less than a day from cutting them out to final finishing.  The shirts are sewn entirely on the serger using 1/4" seam allowances and the hems were done on the coverstitch machine.  Since they were all the same colors, there was no need to change thread colors so that helped speed up the process too.

With a vacation coming up later this year, you can bet these will be packed in my case!

For everyone keeping track of my stashbustin quest - here are my latest stats:

These 3 shirts = 4.5 yards
YTD stats = 50.91 yards
This time last year I had sewn 71 yards so I'm a bit behind from last year, but it all counts!

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. I love a great turtle neck top myself. Nice job!

  2. Nothing like the warmth of a turtle neck - need to make some for myself! Great collection Star, and the right price and so quick to sew.

  3. Those are nice; I especially like the one in the middle.

    1. Thanks Beverly. The middle one seems to be very popular.

  4. Im with you! I lurve turtlenecks. One of my favourite things to wear. these are all fabulous but my favourite is the one youre wearing