Monday, August 7, 2017

McCall's 7410 tank top

Here is my latest summertime creation - this tank top is McCall's 7410.  I love this tank top!  It's kinda quirky with the flared hem, but the fit is great and it is super comfortable to wear.

You might recognize some of the fabrics in this top.

- The red/white/black circle print is a mesh that I underlined with a plain black fabric.  I used this mesh fabric, along with red/silver polka dot binding fabric in this jumper dress here.
- The black and white circle prints on the bottoms, I previously used in this skirt.

I embellished one of the plain black sides with red buttons.  Of course I thought it was looking a bit plain with just the black panels and it needed a little something extra.  To avoid embellishment overload, I opted to only put the buttons on the right side.

The back is a racerback style.  

I also added bindings to the neckline and armhole edges.  The pattern doesn't call for bindings along the edges - instead it just has you turn the edges under and stitch.  I like the look of the bindings better.

A simple way to do the math for adding bindings to an edge is to measure the seamlines of all pieces.  Add those numbers together and that is the total length you need.  By the time you sew your seam on the short edges of the binding pieces to make a circle, you will have automatically subtracted the amount you need (approximately 1 inch) to give the binding enough of a sizing difference so that it rolls properly.

The "Wings" on this top are quite big - but it does drape nicely.

And it twirls pretty good too!

One last view of the back and we are all done here!

For those interested in my stashbustin process - here are the latest statistics:

This blouse - 2 yards
YTD total - 42.41

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Hello Star, I recognise the fabrics from other things. Isn't it great to make a top out of leftovers. It's lovely - the buttons are a lovely touch.

  2. I love this top Star. The fabrics are great together, glad you found something to use up the leftovers.