Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August MAGAM Challenge - Artful August!

I am very excited about this month's MAGAM Challenge theme - "Artful August".  Drawing my inspiration from the cover story of this month's American Sewing Guild "Notions" magazine, I will be attempting to copy the coat in the bottom left hand corner - which is a copy of a Desigual design.  

Using Indygo Junction's Trench Topper pattern - I'll add some more seamlines and modify the collar so it stands up more.  I think this will be a good pattern to start with as I have made it before and really like the fit.

And here is my initial inspiration fabric - an upholstery fabric that I purchased at the Sewing Garage Sale a couple of years ago.  I don't have alot of it, but using it in a scrappy way will stretch what amount I do have.  Isn't it gorgeous!

And here are some more fabrics from the stash that I'll throw in.  The polka dot on the left will be the lining fabric.  The fabrics on the right are all plain colors, except for the fun fur on the bottom.

And I couldn't resist a trip to the fabric store to see what else I could find.  All of the fabrics on the left in this picture are my new purchases - that red and white one is reversible too!

And, grabbing what coordinating trims I have in the stash - here is everything I'm starting with!

Now wish me luck!  This should be a fun project!



  1. you always seem to have everything you need in your stash. Im convinced you have a stash room in your house! Cant wait to see this coat Star; if I buy any clothes they are either Joe Browns or Desigual.

  2. Star, this certainly is a wonderfullu Artful idea, and somehow I am sure you will pull it off, and with your use of buttons and braid on other garments, I can see you adding a few touches here to tie things together. And a stash room, wouldn't that be wonderful.

  3. The colors are gorgeous! I like how they go together without being too matchy-matchy... That coat will surely go well with many items in your wardrobe, judging by how many fabrics from your stash went well with the inspiration print :)

    1. Thanks Chabe. I think this coat is going to be a fave of mine.