Monday, August 14, 2017

Time for bed!

Aren't these cute?  I am in desperate need of some more summer pj's and these will be great!  This is New Look 6139 - a camisole top and shorts.  No - I did not give them a final press before taking pictures, but it is hotter than heck here lately and I didn't want to add any more heat to our house at the moment - so - please look past the wrinkles and ruffly hemline!

The pattern has bust darts and calls for ribbon to be used as the straps.  I decided to use some fold over elastic for the straps instead.

Here's the back view.  The pattern also says to add a zipper to the back seam.  Really?  Who wants a zipper in pajama's??!?!?  No thank you!  Besides, I made this out of a crappy, very thin knit that was in my stash, purchased at the ASG Garage Sale in 2014.  I only have one piece of fabric from that year's sale that remains untouched - that's pretty good!

The waistband treatment on these shorts is a new technique to me and I will be using it more in the future.  Rather than making a traditional casing the turning to the inside, instead you turn the top hem allowance down 3/8", right sides together.  Using some ribbon (either 1/2 or 5/8"), sew that down on top of the now turned down top edge.  Sew it again at the bottom edge of the ribbon, leaving an opening to thread in the elastic.  Add the elastic, sew up the opening and voila!  It adds a decorative feature to the waistline!

Here are the shorts with a longer view.  You can see the ribbon waistline better.

Can't wait to snuggle up with these new pj's.

Stashbustin stats:

Total yardage for the camisole and the shorts = 2 yards
Total YTD = 46.41

Whoop!  Whoop!

Happy sewing everyone!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brown Bag Challenge - Vogue 1440

For July, my sewing group had a "Brown Bag Challenge".  What is that you ask?  Here's how it works:

Bags of fabric are brought in and each member of the group selects a bag.  You can't see the fabric before selecting it so it's a surprise for everyone.  You can steal a fabric from someone else before you select a bag of your own - and that's what I did!  You then have two months to make something - anything using the fabric from the challenge.  The black fabric below is a striped seersucker and I love it!

This is a Donna Karan Vogue pattern #1440.  The pattern comes with pants, a jacket and this fabulous sleeveless top!

The blouse is completely finished on the inside with French seams and the facings are meant to be turned to the outside and topstitched.  I wanted to use a contrasting fabric for my facings and collar to make them stand out more so I selected a linen scrap that was in my stash.

I also removed the placket in the front.  I wanted my buttons to stand out, not be hidden behind a placket.

Here's a nice view of the armhole.  I found the armhole depth to be perfect and very comfortable to wear.  It provides good bra band coverage and isn't tight either.  The hem calls for a facing piece as well, but I opted to just do a small double-turned hem.

Close-up of the facing:

I love the back of this blouse!

That V at the back is fabulous! And, I couldn't help myself and added an extra big button to the area.

This blouse is a win-win!  Great design, great construction techniques and super comfy to wear!

For those following along on my stashbustin quest - here are my latest totals:
This blouse - 2 yards
YTD = 44.41 yards

Happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August MAGAM Challenge - Artful August!

I am very excited about this month's MAGAM Challenge theme - "Artful August".  Drawing my inspiration from the cover story of this month's American Sewing Guild "Notions" magazine, I will be attempting to copy the coat in the bottom left hand corner - which is a copy of a Desigual design.  

Using Indygo Junction's Trench Topper pattern - I'll add some more seamlines and modify the collar so it stands up more.  I think this will be a good pattern to start with as I have made it before and really like the fit.

And here is my initial inspiration fabric - an upholstery fabric that I purchased at the Sewing Garage Sale a couple of years ago.  I don't have alot of it, but using it in a scrappy way will stretch what amount I do have.  Isn't it gorgeous!

And here are some more fabrics from the stash that I'll throw in.  The polka dot on the left will be the lining fabric.  The fabrics on the right are all plain colors, except for the fun fur on the bottom.

And I couldn't resist a trip to the fabric store to see what else I could find.  All of the fabrics on the left in this picture are my new purchases - that red and white one is reversible too!

And, grabbing what coordinating trims I have in the stash - here is everything I'm starting with!

Now wish me luck!  This should be a fun project!


Monday, August 7, 2017

McCall's 7410 tank top

Here is my latest summertime creation - this tank top is McCall's 7410.  I love this tank top!  It's kinda quirky with the flared hem, but the fit is great and it is super comfortable to wear.

You might recognize some of the fabrics in this top.

- The red/white/black circle print is a mesh that I underlined with a plain black fabric.  I used this mesh fabric, along with red/silver polka dot binding fabric in this jumper dress here.
- The black and white circle prints on the bottoms, I previously used in this skirt.

I embellished one of the plain black sides with red buttons.  Of course I thought it was looking a bit plain with just the black panels and it needed a little something extra.  To avoid embellishment overload, I opted to only put the buttons on the right side.

The back is a racerback style.  

I also added bindings to the neckline and armhole edges.  The pattern doesn't call for bindings along the edges - instead it just has you turn the edges under and stitch.  I like the look of the bindings better.

A simple way to do the math for adding bindings to an edge is to measure the seamlines of all pieces.  Add those numbers together and that is the total length you need.  By the time you sew your seam on the short edges of the binding pieces to make a circle, you will have automatically subtracted the amount you need (approximately 1 inch) to give the binding enough of a sizing difference so that it rolls properly.

The "Wings" on this top are quite big - but it does drape nicely.

And it twirls pretty good too!

One last view of the back and we are all done here!

For those interested in my stashbustin process - here are the latest statistics:

This blouse - 2 yards
YTD total - 42.41

Happy sewing everyone!