Thursday, August 31, 2017

August MAGAM Completed - my Oriental/Russian/Mongolian Coat?

For "Artful August" my Indygo Junction's Trench Topper started out with an oriental flair but has turned into something quite different.  I think it looks more Russian/Mongolian rather than Oriental.  Could it be because I changed the collar to a stand-up collar and that the collar and cuffs are made from fake fur?  Who knows!

The finished product:

Should I be holding a sword in this picture?

I love the mix of prints and patterns in the coat.

Oh and yes - when I actually do wear this coat, I'll be wearing pants or a skirt underneath it.  It was 103 degrees outside this day when I took the photos so I wasn't about to venture outside in a coat trimmed in fur to take some pics!  It was hot enough inside with shorts on and my hair pulled up!

Back view is super cool!

And I'm just throwing this one in for kicks.  Every seam in the coat is topstitched, although it's hard to see in this photo.

So lets review how this whole project started out.

Here's my starting bunch of fabrics.  The main fabric in the middle was my inspiration fabric and I recently purchased all of the fabrics to the left of it to coordinate.  The inspiration fabric was purchased at one of the guild's sewing garage sales a number of years ago.  There wasn't alot of the fabric and I thought it might turn into a purse or totebag one day, but I really like the coordinating fabrics that went with it so it was destined to be this coat!  The fabric stack to the right are ones I pulled from the stash that matched, but the only one I ended up using was the fake fur.  The polka dot on the bottom I used as the lining, and I only trims I used from the starting pile were the two ribbons in the top middle.

After drawing a few pictures and figuring out the fabric placement, I finally settled on #3.  I did end up changing that red sleeve to a blue sleeve and the tab I had planned for the collar just didn't work.

I pinned the pieces to my dress form as I cut them out.  This really helped  make sure I had the right pieces in the right places.

And here it is as it was coming along with the main body sewn together, the bottom panel pinned on, the belt pinned on and I was starting to play with the ribbons and trims.

The buttons, closures and belt details:

For the buttons, I knew I wanted to use the square buttons in the coat as they were my Grandmother's buttons - they may even been bakelite but I'm not sure.  The square buttons looked a bit add next to all of the other circular shapes though so I found these black buttons at the store that would work well behind my square buttons.  The square buttons had a rather large shank on the back and the black ones are curved so the shank fits in it's little dip just perfectly.

I used small round elastic to make loops for the buttons.  

The button on the belt has a snap closure behind it.  I had one black covered snap set in the stash so this worked out perfectly.

The mock belt is trimmed with yellow/red piping and stitched into place around the waistline.  

The lining:

Isn't the lining fun!?!?!?  The pattern doesn't call for a lining, but I added one.  The facings are trimmed with the same yellow/red fabric I used for the piping around the belt.  

Back view:

I happily added my label to this coat.

The ending:

That fake fur (along with other threads) was everywhere when I finished the coat!

I am super happy with how this project turned out.  Now if the weather would ever cool off, I might be able to wear it!  And for everyone following along with my stashbustin quest - here are the latest numbers:

Stashbustin stats:
Total yardage for this coat (outer fabric and lining) = 6 yards
YTD yardage = 59.16

Happy sewing everyone!


Sunday, August 27, 2017

September Sew for 30 - 2017 and my plans

September is National Sewing Month in the United States.  We all lead very busy lives and finding time to do the hobby we love can be difficult so I'd like to encourage everyone to "Sew for 30 minutes" everyday during the month of September.   It's amazing what you can get done in little increments of time!  A seam here, a press there and before you know it - you have a brand new little something!

The goal of September Sew for 30 is to MAKE TIME to do what you love.  As sewer's, we are naturally creative people and being creative with our time counts too.  Let's showcase what and how we are squeezing in that hobby time!

I'm in! - Sew now what do I do?

This year it is super simple! 

Blogs - Yes - if you have a blog, by all means, please post your sewing adventures there.  Leave a comment with your blog address below so others can follow you.

Instagram - Post your adventures and be sure to use the #septsewfor302017 hashtag.

Go ahead, make the commitment!  You know you want to!  I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing adventures!

Here are my starting projects:

Top row left to right:
- Two new pairs of Jalie Cora workout pants.
- A Cold shoulder top - McCall's 7468.  I am way behind with the cold shoulder trend this year!  Just cut this one out yesterday.
Bottom row - left to right:
- A Katherine Tilton Vogue pattern - a simple knit top - this one is already cut out.
- My favorite Burda skirt - #7342.  This is out of a red wool crepe with a black lining with a cute cherry print on it.  This one is cut out too.  We are in the middle of another 100+ degree heat wave so with it being 103 outside at the moment, what better thing to do than to stay inside and get some projects cut out in advance.

Happy sewing everyone - looking forward to seeing everyone's projects and here's to a very productive September!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

My New "Holey" Cardigan!

This is Ann's Cardigan from The Sewing Workshop.  I purchased the pattern when Linda Lee came to speak at our Sewing Guild's Spring Event earlier this year.

Pink is really not my color, but when I saw this fabric at this year's Sewing Garage Sale, I thought I might give it a try.  The knit originally came from Emma One Sock.  It was in two separate pieces for a total of 2.25 yards for $3.50.  It's a nice knit with these holes woven into the fabric.  As you can see here, there is a seamline that I serged and then topstitched down.  You can hardly see the seamline 'cause there is so much going on!

The cardigan is a loose fitting style, with little to no waistline shaping.  

The back consists of a top and bottom panel, both cut on the fold.

The draping in the front is from this side panel - which is basically a long rectangle. The side panel is then sewn to the front band when stretches from the bottom right front, up and around the neckline, down to the left side front.  Here are both of those pieces pulled out.

Here's the same section half-way pulled out - you can see the draping starting here.

And here it is all the way down.  Creates a nice effect I think.

Out of the 16 different pieces of fabric I purchased at this year's Garage Sale, this is #8 sewn up already.  Not too bad!  I'm halfway to using up all of the fabric I purchased at this year's sale!  It would seriously be a first if I stitched everything in the same year that I purchased it.

As for my stashbustin' stats, here's the latest!

Total yardage for this cardigan = 2.25 yards - that's all I had and I used every bit of it!
YTD yardage = 53.16 yards

Happy sewing everyone!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trio of Turtlenecks

I love turtlenecks and this pattern is one of my favorites.  You have probably seen it here before, as it's my go-to turtleneck pattern.  It's a simple pattern that I got at Cloth World in 1995.  Cloth World has since gone out of business, but this pattern still works!

All of these fabrics were purchased at this year's Sewing Garage Sale.

The fabric on the left is a fairly thick knit - it was 2 yards for $4.00.

The middle turtleneck is made of of two different fabrics.  The main stripe was 1.5 yards for $3.50.  I didn't have enough of it to line up the stripes on the sleeves correctly due to the pattern repeat, so I decided to make the stripes go the length of the sleeves rather than have the stripes go around the arms.  The turtleneck and sleeve cuffs are made from a black crinkle knit that was originally from Peggy Sagers.  I have enough of it left over to make another t-shirt of some kind.  The crinkle knit was 2.25 yards for $4.00.

The fabric on the right is so soft it feels like butter!  It's from Emma One Sock and is a design from Theory.  It was 2 yards for $8.00 - a bit much for a garage sale purchase, but it feels glorious!  I have enough of this left over to make a small t-shirt, tank top or just an accent for another blouse too.

My total yardage spend on these three turtlenecks came to $19.50 - which does also include the amounts I still have left to squeek out a few t-shirts - so that's not too bad!  All three shirts were made in less than a day from cutting them out to final finishing.  The shirts are sewn entirely on the serger using 1/4" seam allowances and the hems were done on the coverstitch machine.  Since they were all the same colors, there was no need to change thread colors so that helped speed up the process too.

With a vacation coming up later this year, you can bet these will be packed in my case!

For everyone keeping track of my stashbustin quest - here are my latest stats:

These 3 shirts = 4.5 yards
YTD stats = 50.91 yards
This time last year I had sewn 71 yards so I'm a bit behind from last year, but it all counts!

Happy sewing everyone!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Time for bed!

Aren't these cute?  I am in desperate need of some more summer pj's and these will be great!  This is New Look 6139 - a camisole top and shorts.  No - I did not give them a final press before taking pictures, but it is hotter than heck here lately and I didn't want to add any more heat to our house at the moment - so - please look past the wrinkles and ruffly hemline!

The pattern has bust darts and calls for ribbon to be used as the straps.  I decided to use some fold over elastic for the straps instead.

Here's the back view.  The pattern also says to add a zipper to the back seam.  Really?  Who wants a zipper in pajama's??!?!?  No thank you!  Besides, I made this out of a crappy, very thin knit that was in my stash, purchased at the ASG Garage Sale in 2014.  I only have one piece of fabric from that year's sale that remains untouched - that's pretty good!

The waistband treatment on these shorts is a new technique to me and I will be using it more in the future.  Rather than making a traditional casing the turning to the inside, instead you turn the top hem allowance down 3/8", right sides together.  Using some ribbon (either 1/2 or 5/8"), sew that down on top of the now turned down top edge.  Sew it again at the bottom edge of the ribbon, leaving an opening to thread in the elastic.  Add the elastic, sew up the opening and voila!  It adds a decorative feature to the waistline!

Here are the shorts with a longer view.  You can see the ribbon waistline better.

Can't wait to snuggle up with these new pj's.

Stashbustin stats:

Total yardage for the camisole and the shorts = 2 yards
Total YTD = 46.41

Whoop!  Whoop!

Happy sewing everyone!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brown Bag Challenge - Vogue 1440

For July, my sewing group had a "Brown Bag Challenge".  What is that you ask?  Here's how it works:

Bags of fabric are brought in and each member of the group selects a bag.  You can't see the fabric before selecting it so it's a surprise for everyone.  You can steal a fabric from someone else before you select a bag of your own - and that's what I did!  You then have two months to make something - anything using the fabric from the challenge.  The black fabric below is a striped seersucker and I love it!

This is a Donna Karan Vogue pattern #1440.  The pattern comes with pants, a jacket and this fabulous sleeveless top!

The blouse is completely finished on the inside with French seams and the facings are meant to be turned to the outside and topstitched.  I wanted to use a contrasting fabric for my facings and collar to make them stand out more so I selected a linen scrap that was in my stash.

I also removed the placket in the front.  I wanted my buttons to stand out, not be hidden behind a placket.

Here's a nice view of the armhole.  I found the armhole depth to be perfect and very comfortable to wear.  It provides good bra band coverage and isn't tight either.  The hem calls for a facing piece as well, but I opted to just do a small double-turned hem.

Close-up of the facing:

I love the back of this blouse!

That V at the back is fabulous! And, I couldn't help myself and added an extra big button to the area.

This blouse is a win-win!  Great design, great construction techniques and super comfy to wear!

For those following along on my stashbustin quest - here are my latest totals:
This blouse - 2 yards
YTD = 44.41 yards

Happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August MAGAM Challenge - Artful August!

I am very excited about this month's MAGAM Challenge theme - "Artful August".  Drawing my inspiration from the cover story of this month's American Sewing Guild "Notions" magazine, I will be attempting to copy the coat in the bottom left hand corner - which is a copy of a Desigual design.  

Using Indygo Junction's Trench Topper pattern - I'll add some more seamlines and modify the collar so it stands up more.  I think this will be a good pattern to start with as I have made it before and really like the fit.

And here is my initial inspiration fabric - an upholstery fabric that I purchased at the Sewing Garage Sale a couple of years ago.  I don't have alot of it, but using it in a scrappy way will stretch what amount I do have.  Isn't it gorgeous!

And here are some more fabrics from the stash that I'll throw in.  The polka dot on the left will be the lining fabric.  The fabrics on the right are all plain colors, except for the fun fur on the bottom.

And I couldn't resist a trip to the fabric store to see what else I could find.  All of the fabrics on the left in this picture are my new purchases - that red and white one is reversible too!

And, grabbing what coordinating trims I have in the stash - here is everything I'm starting with!

Now wish me luck!  This should be a fun project!